Wingspan Wednesdays

Take off with a copy sprint

Have a project you need help with?

A full sales page for a new offer?

A case study to help increase your credibility?

A copy boost to optimize an existing web page?

Or a chance to brainstorm with a trusted partner?

Introducing Wingspan Wednesdays,
an on-demand copywriting service exclusively for past clients.

Think of this like a loose retainer with a copywriter you trust with your brand.

I’ve already done the research, messaging creation, and copywriting for key elements of your company.

Now I’m here to help with your day-to-day marketing needs!


The best part: I’m available right when you need it. 

Every single Wednesday is blocked and saved for my favorite clients, aka you.

Skip the proposal and scheduling headaches—I just need a 24hr advance notice!

👏 Yes, that’s right. You can finally book an ‘omg I needed this yesterday’ project with me.


You choose what you need and I put on my blinders and focus solely on your project.

You’ll be surprised how much I can get done.


And bonus – because I know your brand so well, you get deals on the price.

  • One-hour consultation: $220 $175 
  • 4-Hour Sprint: $1,500 $1,100 
  • 7-Hour Day: $2,400 $1,925 

Hit the ground wrenning running.

👇 Let's get to it, shall we? 👇