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Cushy copy to feather your nest

Maybe you’ve been in business for a while, have a custom process, well-established services, and a great client-base—but your website doesn’t do you justice.


Maybe you know your website is actively clipping the wings of your sales efforts—but you don’t have the time to write a new website yourself.


Maybe your business has grown to include a whole team—but you’re struggling to close ideal clients because they don’t know you can deliver a turnkey experience.


Maybe you have a brand-spanking new offer that’s going to help accelerate your business growth—but need a sales page to begin selling it to your target audience.


Maybe you have all of your ducks in a row (design, web development)—but are still missing the copy for a brand-new website launch.


Let’s get you a website that reflects who your company is…

and what you actually sell. 


It’s time for a Copy Flight.

From one-hour consultations to week-long sprints—

Copy Flights are my easy-access, convenient, and (honestly) fun way to finally cross “new website copy” off your dang list.

“We were struggling to come up with the words to present our finished brand and product to our community.

I was excited to work with an expert about writing quality copy, and working with Anna was a great experience.

They were organized, speedy, and great at communicating throughout the project.

The finished product is better than I ever expected.

— Brandon Jones, Color Coded Labs

When you work with me, you’re getting more than an experienced copywriter

Copywriting, yes, is the end deliverable.


But my secret sauce is helping my clients (aka you) take something complicated, unwieldy, and messy and turn it into a clear and focused action plan.


Here’s the thing:

Your website is not only a place to educate and convert your clients.

From headers to bullet points to calls to action, your website is your selling blueprint.


Let me take your big audacious dreams and write you a selling blueprint…ahem…I mean website…to help your business take flight.


What I can tackle during a Copy Flight:

  • Copy Reviews and Tune-Ups
  • Brand New Websites
  • Sales Pages
  • Lead Magnets
  • New Service/Offer Pages
  • Case Studies
  • And More (just ask!)

How Copy Flights work

Go from messy nest to a strut-worthy birdhouse.

Step One: Book

Choose the Copy Flight that’s right for you (see below for options), the date and time, book, and pay. And voila. That’s it. No proposals. No email hockey back and forth hashing out the details. You want copy? You got it.

Step Two: Prep

Once you’re booked, I’ll review the information you’ve sent over and begin to prep for our sprint. I may ask follow-up questions, request more goodies (like testimonials or client surveys), and do any research I may need in order to hit the air at high speed at the start of your Flight.

Step Three: Copy Flight

Whichever Copy Flight you chose—one hour, full day, or full week—you’ll get nothing less than 100% focus from me. We’ll use that time to get as much done as we can for your business. And let me tell ya, I can work fast and still maintain high quality.

Step Four: Refine

Yeah, we’re not done yet. Once your Copy Flight wraps up you’ll have a set amount of time for follow-up support or revisions. I wouldn’t leave you flying alone, now would I!?!

“As a result of the copy from Anna, I now have a website that I am so proud to show off! I no longer have website shame.

I look at it and cry (that sounds really dramatic, but I do) because it captures ME – quirky, swear-y and inimitable.”

– Suzanne Culberg, Coach


“Anna was an incredible help leading us to organize our thoughts around our service offerings, and then in making that come alive.”

– Beth Powell, Floriss

What makes you a great fit for a Copy Flight:

You have at least one offer that’s well-defined and ready to sell or already succesfully selling. 

I don’t help folks start a business. I help folks grow their business.

You have already gathered client feedback and/or testimonials to share with me. 

The best copy is based on what your customers say!

You’ll be readily available to answer any questions I may have during your sprint via email. 

The faster you respond, the more I can get done.

Which Copy Flight is right for you?

One-Hour Flight

Consultation + 3 days of follow-up support


Get your “how do I….” questions answered


  • Live reviews of current copy
  • Pitch deck or marketing material review
  • Idea brainstorming with an experienced consultant

Day Flight

1 day of work + 3 days of revisions


Quick trips to keep your business flying forward


  • Sales page for a brand new service
  • Updated product descriptions and/or service pitches
  • New or updated single website page
  • One case study

Week Flight

5 days of work + 5 days of revisions


Launch your business up to even greater heights


  • Brand new website copy (3-5 pages)
  • Longer sales page for a new offer
  • One 1-2 page lead magnet & offer page
  • Two (or one long) case studies

Custom Flight

Timeline and scope designed-to-suit


Need more than just one week with me?


  • Brand Messaging research and development
  • Larger websites that are 5+ pages
  • Website strategy, site map, and copywriting

What’s not included in Copy Flights:

Design and development. I’m a writer, not a designer. You’ll be getting just the words and a wireframe, not a ‘ready to hit publish’ built-out website. If you need recommendations for some great designers/developers, let me know.

Read all of my Terms & Conditions here.

Are you an LGBTQ-owned business?

Every queer-owned biz gets 25% off any project. Why? We have historically less access to capital, resources, and support. And at a minimum, at least 25% of the queer community cite financial struggles. As a queer trans biz owner myself, I’m all about lifting up fellow LGBTQ+ owners. Use the code QUEER when you book your flight for an automatic 25% discount.

Your Flying Partner, Anna

I’ve helped over 150 companies soar since 2017. 

As a website copywriting specialist, I know how to balance the science of conversion with the joy of scrolling down a page.

  • How do people experience a website?
  • What needs to be in bold, in a cross-header, broken down into bullet points?
  • What should the call to action be, and where should it happen?
  • How do the various offers talk to each other and interact with the greater marketplace?

For each and every project, I bring the full force of my experience and expertise.

My main goal? 

Making sure your experience is stellar.

From me you’ll get:

  • top notch communication
  • clear updates and action items
  • support in design/dev handoff
  • a slew of odd gifs you never asked for but definitely needed

Daisy, a past client, even said: “You explained things well and the handoff was clear.

Get a great experience and great copy.

Need some examples of past work?

I got ya covered.

Go From a Messy Nest to a Strut-Worthy Bird House

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