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weave quality, consistency, and usability into the fabric of your product to retain (and grow) your audience with strategic UX writing

User-centered from beak to tail

Your brand message peacocks its way onto the stage with your marketing and sales strategies.

But it really takes flight when people get inside the digital product itself.

It’s where you show them that, yes, they’ve come to the right place.

→ Because they’re finding exactly what they need

→ Because they know where to go next

Because your product fits perfectly into their lives


To prove to your new users your digital product (an app, a SaaS platform, a tech interface, you name it) is indeed a perfect fit, you have to zoom out before laying a single stick in your nest.


You have to think about structure, layout, flow, context, and overarching brand cohesion.


Investing in end-to-end product quality is your principal driver of retention.


You danced your tailfeathers off converting those users.

Let’s keep them in your flock.

“Janel knew what she was doing, and that was very obvious.
If I ever need another UX writer, I won’t hesitate, 100% it’s going to be her.
She made my life easier.”

 Ricardo Acosta, AnotherWay Studios

Make your product flocking great

Maybe you’re starting something new and you want to do it right.

Maybe you have an existing product that needs a full overhaul.


Great UX writing is the stable perch both your product and your audience need to catch an updraft and take to the skies.

UX content audit

An intensive analysis of your current product offering with a keen eye for both issues and opportunities.

Information architecture

Tie pixels and words together with a high-level plan that organizes content for optimal user experience.


Carefully mapped out scaffolding to better support your product.

Content guidelines

Best practices to get your entire ecosystem pulling in the same direction—regardless of whether we execute on it or you want to do it in-house.

Content development

UI elements, notifications, onboarding, checkout instructions, empty states, navigation prompts—literally all the words in your product.

Voice & tone strategy

Show up as unmistakably you, whether you’re celebrating users’ wins or accompanying them through more challenging moments.

Inclusivity & accessibility

Bring every step of your flow up to inclusivity and accessibility standards so no user is left behind.


Get your content in ship-shape for handing off to translation teams, and take the first steps to consider how you’ll localize your design.

Testing & iterating

Framing for how you’ll set up future user testing to iterate and improve over time.

How UX writing projects work

First, we understand your strategic positioning and current information architecture to diagnose what’s keeping your product from thriving.


Next, we develop a systemic approach plus content guidelines to turn your product into what your people really want.


Finally, we write the content (like onboarding sequences, error messages, menu hierarchies, and, yes, buttons) that turns your vision into a practical, effective structure for your product.


But we don’t stop there.

We help you develop frameworks for user testing so you can iterate, improve, and grow well into the future.


Working with Janel was incredibly simple, and the results exceeded our expectations. We gave her a series of guidelines. Not only did she follow them and send over excellent content, but she went above and beyond, offering us several extra versions. We loved to see that she was genuinely interested in the material that we sent her. It was a happy surprise to find she’d gone the extra mile without being asked. Absolutely recommended.”

– Julián Quijano | CEO & Creative Director, Beautiful Glitch

Ready to work with a senior UX writer?

➡️ You’re ready for your big next thing. You SEE your potential, and you know your audience is ready for it, but you need to be intentional about how you execute on this one to land well. You need that (friendly) push out the door.


➡️ Your product needs words, and no one on your team is positioned to do it. Maybe you’ve even gotten pretty far down the line with lorem ipsum, or even AI-generated filler content, and you KNOW that’s not gonna fly. Not even for the beta.


➡️ You’re noticing a ton of holes in your bucket. Every new data query unearths another dropoff. You see tickets streaming in when you close your eyes at night. You want to bring your product offering to the next level but feel daunted by the sheer scope of it.


➡️ Your quality issues are driving people away, people who you know would love what you’re doing in a parallel universe…one where you know how to keep them around. 

If you’re one or all of these, caw at us. 

Your bird of a feather, Janel

I’ve loved words forever. But the true romance between me and language took flight when I realized words could function as efficient, elegant building blocks that get your people from Point A to Point B.

I worked for 5 years at Meta, where I made sense out of big-business advertising and e-commerce design ecosystems. 

I’ve also worked with dreamy, artsy startups, determined to get their million-dollar idea into the right hands.

I have over 10 years of experience on teams of all sizes, working with product designers, engineers, PMs, data scientists, UX researchers, sales specialists, etc. 

I’ll be thrilled to connect with your team to deeply understand your product and frame my deliverables (generally: audits, style guides, words, and wireframes) so that they work specifically for you.

I firmly believe that what’s true is never simple, and that complexity makes it all the more beautiful.

Need some examples of past work?

Because I’m fresh out of half a decade in big corporate (Meta), most of it is under strict NDA.

However, I can tell you a few high-level stories of how I’ve approached various strategic challenges.

Fill out the form below and we’ll get going.

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