Im-peck-able workshops with two cool people

Whenever the inspiration strikes, me (Anna) and a really smart guest will co-create and deliver a live interactive workshop designed to help you take your business to new heights.

It’s gonna be so fly.


What will happen every Toucan Talk:

  • A clear topic to tackle in just one hour, co-hosted by a proven subject-matter expert
  • Room for discussion and Q&As to help you engage deeper with the topic
  • checklist or worksheet for every workshop, because implementation is everything
  • Lifetime access to the recording so you can watch it if you can’t make it live

When are they?

Whenever an actionable topic begs to be addressed, whether that’s twice a week or four times a year. Fly to the bottom of this page to get notifications when new ones are announced.


How much do they cost?
The price starts at $0—pay whatever you want and are able to pay, no judgments, no questions asked. This is ‘sliding scale’ at its most extreme.

The point of this series isn’t for my guest and I to feather our nests with workshop fees. 
It’s a space for us to nerd out and connect with new people.

Upcoming Toucan Talks

Currently in progress:

  • Something About How To Start Getting Speaking Gigs with Eman Ismail (get excited!)
  • Something About Mental Health for Entrepreneurs with Shulamit Ber Levtov (get pumped!)

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Past Toucan Talks

July 12th, 1 PM EST – COMPLETE!

Pulling Back the Curtain on (Alternative) Pricing Models with Bree Weber

How do you figure out what to price your product or service that both meets your financial goals AND is accessible to your audience? We’re not talking about the super vague and nebulous advice of ‘charge what you’re worth.’

We’re talking accessibility and economic justice for you and your clients.

Bree Weber (she/her) and I both have experimented extensively with pricing our programs and digital products. 

June 9th, 1 PM EST – COMPLETE!!!

How To Write Consistently To Your Email List Without Feeling Sleazy with Annie Bacher

Annie (she/her) and I have both used our email lists in unconventional ways as essential tools in our businesses. We both have made emailing our lists fun, easy, and definitely not sleazy.

Join us on June 9th for a fun, actionable workshop on how to consistently write (and grow) your email list without a megaton of pressure weighing you down.