Im-peck-able workshops with two cool people

Whenever the inspiration strikes, me (Anna) and a really smart guest will co-create and deliver a live interactive workshop designed to help you take your business to new heights.

It’s gonna be so fly.


What will happen every Toucan Talk:

  • A clear topic to tackle in just one hour, co-hosted by a proven subject-matter expert

  • checklist or worksheet for every workshop, because implementation is everything

  • Room for discussion and Q&As to help you engage deeper with the topic

  • Lifetime access to the recording so you can watch it if you can’t make it live


Do people like these workshops?

Yes. Folks love ’em!

They love the interactivity, the fact my guests and I focus on ACTION more than THEORY, and the worksheet is the icing on the cake.

One person said, It was more affirming than anything; like many humans, I get excited about ideating, then the “doing” can get me stuck in the weeds. It was helpful to have next steps AND see that I’m already taking action to better position myself.”


How much do they cost?

What do you normally pay for a workshop—and is that feasible for you right now?

Then that’s a good price to pay.

The price starts at $0, pay what you can.

The point of this series isn’t for my guest and I to feather our nests with workshop fees. 
It’s a space for us to nerd out and connect with new people.


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Get Access To The Recordings & Worksheets

Price for the recordings start at $10. Pay that or pay more.
All payments are split evenly between Strange Birds and our co-host.

How To Write Consistently To Your Email List Without Feeling Sleazy with Annie Bacher

A fun, actionable workshop on how to consistently write (and grow) your email list without a megaton of pressure weighing you down.

Pulling Back the Curtain on (Alternative) Pricing Models with Bree Weber

How do you figure out what to price your product or service that both meets your financial goals AND is accessible to your audience? We’re not talking about the super vague and nebulous advice of ‘charge what you’re worth.’

How to start speaking and own your authority with Eman Ismail

Get in front of your ideal clients and show off how awesome you are. We walk through our own experience of speaking and show you action you can start taking today.

Deliver better work (and expand your client list) through awesome collaborations with Allie Lehman 

Collaborating with other professionals is a smart way to expand your client list and improve your services. But how to collaborate effectively (pricing, scoping, timelines, management) is so rarely taught. Don’t worry – we’ve got you.

Client Wrangling (or how to a partner and not a pest) with Amy Posner (she/her)

Shift from “ugh just another client I have to manage” to “YES another great client partnership!” Amy and I give you the four steps toward fantastic client partnerships.