Ditch transactional contacts
and build real relationships

Build your network!

Go to conferences!

Make connections!



…but what if we didn’t listen to that advice (which is a numbers game and super-de-duper transactional) and simply focused on building relationships?



Communities are there to support you, to be your protective shield against all manners of woe in the world.

They are stronger than just a ‘network.’

And they are totally possible for your own brand. 



All you need to do is recognize what you’re naturally good at when it comes to relationship-building, and then sprinkle some intentionality and planning…



And viola! 



You have a community built around your business that will lift you up, send you projects, support you, cheer you on, and protect you when times get rough.

Map your natural skills to easy relationship-building ideas for your business

A quick guide to match your unique skills and simple-to-implement scalable ways to move away from transactional contacts and into real relationships (organized by introvert/extrovert activites).