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So many ideas, too little time

The all-too-typical service provider mode of operation?

Multiple services with 5,000 ideas to spare, all competing for space because each and every one of them can help your clients in a powerful way.

Yet all of those brilliant ideas lead to overwhelm and burnout, constantly keeping you from breaking through the sound barrier.

Take wing with clear positioning

I'm Anna Hetzel (they/them). I work with service providers who are ready to clarify their services so marketing and sales are easier—leaving them more time to do stuff other than constantly grow! grow! grow!

And I’m not just a strategic consultant. I put all of the big-thinking work into action by crafting clear website copy for your business.

My goal is to ensure you’re confident in what you’re doing, are clear in how your services work together, and why you’re worth every feather in your cap.

How I’ve helped people
take flight:

A new website for a growing agency

Kellerman Consulting was a few years into the business and was ready to upgrade its website to get to the next level. Through customer interviews, strategic site mapping, and copywriting, their new website not only reads well but has helped them increase their sales month over month.

Selling out a company's first-ever launch

The Handweaving Academy built their new company from the ground up, and Strange Birds was alongside them at every turn. From brand messaging to offer development to website to launch emails—we helped them fill every single seat in their beta launch. 

I’m Anna (they/them), a very strange bird and proud of it

After bouncing around the world and trying on multiple feathers professions, I finally settled down to one goal: helping people communicate better.

I’ve been in the copywriting and brand messaging game for over 6 years now and have worked with 100+ incredible companies.

And through it all I’ve learned one important lesson: there is no “right” way of doing things.

My job is to discover what works right for you and your business growth goals.

I have only one value in my business: compassion.

It is at the root of everything I do.

Without compassion, you can’t have honesty, transparency, empathy, purpose, and any of the other 50 standard words people are given to randomly choose their values from.

I’m not here to 10X anything.

I’m here to listen, learn, and help others.

I only work with companies that:

  • Take action, not only lip-service, on creating equity
  • Consider their entire supply chain
  • Care for their team as they would care for their best friends
  • Support the LGBTQ+ community beyond just flying the rainbow flag in June

How do I spend the rest of my strange life?

  • Being mildly good at all of my various hobbies
  • Biting my tongue while trying to learn to sew
  • Reading books until my eyes hurt
  • Building tiny cabins at Now At A Farm, our family land
  • Sing-narrating everything I do to the great annoyance of my partner

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People I flock with

Design: Brave Little Beast,  Wonder Jam

Document and PDF Design: Kate Burgener

Course Strategy and Creation: Jennifer Duann Fultz

Videography: Anita Kwan

Web Development: Common People, Overnight Website

Photography: Ash Tree Images, Rachel Barehl

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