Fly beakfirst toward meaningful growth

You know where you’re going.

You know the story you need to tell to get there.

Now you just need to actually tell it, and tell it day after day across many mediums in multiple formats with a range of audiences.

And did we mention it all needs to tie together? Seamlessly?


That’s where Janel comes in, the newest Strange Bird.

Because all copy shines brightest when it’s part of a bigger picture.

Let’s let her take it from here, shall we?

I’m Janel (she/her), a systems thinker with a deep background in UX and content design

That means I’m really into:

  • Wrapping my head around the big (BIG) picture of a project
  • Drawing together a vision of where it wants to grow
  • Plotting out the exact pieces of the puzzle that are going to get it there

To me, UX and conversion copywriting are two sides of the same coin.

They’re all about getting your people from Point A to Point B.

I turn your big business dreams into tangible copy to get your clients from consideration to conversion.

From right here to way-over-there.

With me, you’ll get the nitty-gritty multi-touchpoint business-building copy:

  • Email strategy and sequences to retain, engage, qualify, and sell
  • Lead magnets to attract and grow your audience
  • Case studies to show why your company is worth every penny

I’ll help you tell your business’ story everywhere you show up.

Anna + Janel: your dream duo

Anna and Janel go way back. 

We’re talking college back.

  • Back-campus-bonfires back
  • Knows-each-others-secrets back
  • Decades-long-debates-about-words back

Now we’re older, wiser, and even nerdier.

Here’s how we party now:

➡️ Anna is your brand strategist and website copywriter. They zoom way out to help you understand the big picture of your business and how to grow it, then put together the website that does your story justice.

➡️ Janel is your UX-expert-turned-conversion-strategist with years of experience in large tech-forward corporate enterprises. She breaks down big ideas into inspired copy that gets your people to do what you want them to do, everywhere your business needs to show up.


We teamed up because: 

  • We’re both systems thinkers
  • We both care deeply about what we do, which translates into delivering phenomenal work wrapped up in a gorgeous experience, every time
  • And we both believe that the best work happens when you least expect it

We’re a dream duo for your company.

Step into Janel’s nest office

Get to know me (and get going on a project).

Drop your deets into this here form and we’ll have a chat!

Janel 101: What makes me happy as a lark

I’ve got years of in-house strategic experience with the big corporate dogs.


My core strength: Turning ridiculously overcomplicated systems into a seamless, intuitive experience for the end user.

And I’m going to do the same thing for your business (ridiculous overcomplication not required).

A few things about me:

  • I get wildly excited about diving deep into new things, which is a big reason why I just moved to Barcelona, my favorite the best city on the planet. Visca català.
  • I’m queer as shit and loud about it.
  • I have a toddler son, Olau. He’s even bolder and brasher than I am.
  • I’m obsessed with Yotam Ottolenghi – although I have to admit that his protégée Ixta Belfridge maaaay just have eclipsed him. Talk to me about my spice collection. 
  • I believe in professional excellence and unabashed kindness.

I can’t wait to turn a new feather at Strange Birds!