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brand messaging, copywriting,
and UX writing for unconventional companies
on the brink of expansion

Fly further than ever before

The pressure is on.

➡ You’ve hit a ceiling and are ready to break into a larger market


➡ Your audience doesn’t seem to be ‘getting it,’ and converting new customers is a struggle


Your retention has dipped, and you know getting it back up would radically improve your bottom line


Your newest product is ready to be launched, but it needs a strong sales pitch to do it justice


You’re stuck in a birdcage, itching to break out.

Yet all the marketing advice out there doesn’t feel right.

Your feathers are ruffled.


Your company is different.

An odd duck with products destined to fly high.

You can connect all the pieces under one cohesive brand voice—all while staying true to what makes you unique.


We’ve got you covered.

From your website hero through every single call-to-action.

From initial onboarding all the way down through the alt-text on your images.

It’s blue skies from here on out

Get messaging that’s your best salesperson and a customer base that would migrate around the globe for you.

Full messaging alignment ➡

Brand messaging

Your brand should sound the same everywhere you show up.

Get a solid overall foundation of what to say and why.

to convert your users ➡


Sell your products in a way that’s focused, seamless, and really ducking interesting.

Get creative copy carefully crafted to attract and convert.

and keep them around ✓

Apps & digital platforms

Deliver an great product experience that’s cohesive, engaging, and on-brand.

Get in-product content designed to retain your users.

People can’t stop raven

“With Strange Birds’ help, I launched a new monthly webinar series that reached my revenue goals within just a few weeks…and is on track to net over $60K this year alone.” 

- Mandy Pearce, Founder of Funding For Good

“Copywriters have a gift for words and it pays to have Strange Birds point out a better way to think about how your audience interacts with your site.”

- Sam Baddoo, Founder of Fleri

“When you see the final results and step back you will realize that Strange Birds are magicians with words and voice, true artists sculpting the picture of your business with their words.

My experience working with and witnessing their approach to understanding our business and culture was fantastic. They are diligent, creative, and bring a project management base to the process of copywriting.” 

- Brian Gunnoe | President, OLIO Dev Group

We design with words

When we say ‘design,’ we’re not talking visuals.

Words guide, influence, and inform. 

Crafting with words means designing user experiences, one phrase at a time.

At Strange Birds, we’re strangely good at making words both cool and wildly effective.


Here, systems brains meet creative souls. 

We can quickly wrap our brains around your version of weird.

We know what questions to ask, have the experience to develop a strategy unique to you, and we’ve got the writing chops to knock your goals out of the park (or the skies).

How we help companies like yours:


Expanding companies looking for anything but cookie-cutter marketing. You need creative and highly strategic systems that work.


Research-driven and AI-boosted creative loons delivering top-notch messaging across all your major touchpoints, from your entire website to in-product copy.


We break the sound barrier with a carefully crafted and implemented messaging system, generating greater brand loyalty and bigger buzz.

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