How to Facilitate Engaging and Memorable Meetings Online


A one-hour interactive workshop

Integrate best practices and get a super-duper useful meeting checklist


January 20, 2022  — 1 PM EST  — $57

How many times have you been on a call where it seems like everyone is frozen because they are so unengaged?


Or when people skip the queue and blurt out questions, totally derailing the conversation?


Or on a group call and found yourself squeezing a stress ball, wishing that one person would hush for just a blessed moment so someone else could talk?


We’ve all been in those calls.

And ironically, we’ve all led those calls.


Facilitating group discussions is one of those “you don’t know what you don’t know” situations.


It’s a constant trial by fire, with us hoping for the best and ending the call exhausted, knowing we could do more.


But what more could we do??


Memorable, engaging discussions where people message you immediately afterward raving about how great it went don’t magically happen.


They are well-planned and well-facilitated.


If you’re:

  • An entrepreneur with group program meetings that feel forced and exhausting
  • A freelancer who wishes client meetings didn’t immediately get out of your control
  • A manager who runs a remote team who struggles to keep their team engaged…

This hour-long interactive workshop is made for you.


kate burgener testimonial

I do feel more confident about taking control of the conversation, mostly because I embrace that it will help things flow better with someone in charge.

- Kate Burgener

The session Anna held at a conference I attended was the most memorable workshop of the whole event

It felt so warm and cozy in their workshop, even with 50+ people participating. I felt more inclined to contribute there than I did in any other session.

Anna’s workshop made me want to contribute. This NEVER happens. I can’t really express what a big deal that is. It makes the people who never talk want to talk!

I didn’t want it to end! 

- Delia Monk

Confidently Facilitate Productive and Motivational Meetings

I’m Anna (they/them), creator of Community Camp. 

I’m a bit goofy, a bit weird, and love a well-run meeting.

For 5+ years I’ve run everything from free-form discussions, strict agenda meetings, omg pants-on-fire problem-solving sprints, and more.

I’ve had hundreds of trials by fire as a meeting host.


Now I want to drop some good ideas and systems in your lap so you can go make memorable meetings.

In this one-hour interactive workshop, I’m going to walk you through best practices AND help you start integrating immediately so you can host meetings people actually look forward to.


Best practices put right into practice:

  • Easy steps to start and end every call to maximize engagement
  • Key tips on how to manage complainers and mansplainers
  • Tactics to keep the conversation on track
  • A checklist to help you stay mindful of accessibility & inclusion


The biggest takeaway?

That meeting that’s coming up on your calendar (that you were super not looking forward to running) is now something you can’t wait for!

Together, we’ll make online discussions way better

…instead of everyone sitting there wishing they were doing literally anything else but be in the call.

The interactive part (so you know what you’re signing up for)

There will be a Zoom breakout room! 

However, you will not under any circumstances be pressured to talk, have your video, or drop a bajillion emojis in the chat.

Participate as much as you want and nothing more.

There is no such thing as ‘lurking’ in my workshops.

Listening is an active state!


The agenda (for people who like to know what to expect)

  • 12:55 PM EDT – Zoom room opens
  • 1 PM EDT – The workshop begins!
  • Introduction and a silly ‘get to know you’ question
  • Breakout room discussion with other attendees: “What does ‘great’ facilitation look like?”
  • Setting up expectations (how to start a meeting, accessibility, and agendas)
  • Upholding expectations (how to keep a meeting going, management, and how to step back as leader)
  • Closing a conversation (how to end a meeting and next steps)
  • Q&A time!


A note on accessibility:

  • Closed Captioning will be available.
  • The workshop will be recorded, so if you can’t make the live session I’ll be sending out the recording to everyone who signs up.
  • If $57 for the workshop stretches your budget, write to me and we’ll get something figured out.


$57 for an *actually* interactive workshop on facilitating memorable online discussions

Includes a checklist worksheet so you can start building your own facilitation system