Website in a Week

A Copy Sprint

Make your website soar

5 days of 100% focus from me, your resident expert conversion copywriter.

No lengthy proposal process.

No drawn-out projects.


Want trusted expertise and to just hand over the reins and not worry about it for once?

I have years of experience writing engaging, memorable, and conversion-focused websites.


Worried I can’t get it done in a week?

Have no fear. 

This isn’t my first rodeo.


What we could get done in a week?



Heck, I wrote this page you’re reading now in less than two hours.

Imagine what I can do with twenty.


Here are some projects we could do:

🦚 Website Sprint: 3-5 totally new (or updated) web pages

Have a home page that you try really hard to never have to share with potential clients?
A services page pitching services you offered back in 2020…but you haven’t had the time to update it with your new offers?
Or how about an About Page that gives you and your team the spotlight you deserve?

Let’s get you a website that reflects you and what you actually sell


🦚 Launch a New Offer: sales page plus a post-purchase email sequence

Launching a new offer but “write the damn sales page” keeps getting pushed back further and further on your to-do list? 

Time to cross it off your list, because I’ve got you.

In 5 days, you could walk away with an engaging sales page from an expert in conversion copywriting. 

PLUS I’ll even write your post-purchase email sequence so when you make the sale, the “what happens next” is all done for ya.


🦚 Grow Your Email List: lead magnet and the landing page for it

That lead magnet idea you’ve been sitting on for, oh, I don’t know, about 8 months? 

It’s time, friend. 

Hand the idea over to me and I’ll not only write a kickass lead magnet, but I’ll also write the landing page you’ll send people to download it.

What makes you a great fit for a Website in a Week Sprint:

  • You have at least one offer that’s well-defined and ready to sell—or already selling.

  • You have gathered client feedback and/or testimonials to share with me. The best copy is based on what your customers say!

  • You’ll be readily available to answer any questions I may have during your week’s sprint via email. The faster you respond, the more I can get done.

What is included in Website in a Week Copy Sprint:

  • My best copy brain. You get me for 4 hours a day for 5 days straight. No context-switching monster. Just you, me, and the page.


  • Pre-Sprint survey so I can hit the ground running Monday morning


  • 60-minute kickoff call on Monday of your scheduled week


  • Daily project updates so you know how things are going


  • Final deliverables via Google Docs


  • A wireframe of the web pages to make hand-off to a designer even easier


  • 7 days post-sprint follow-up for revisions (max 2 hours of revision time)


What’s not included:

  • Design and development. I’m a writer, not a designer. You’ll be getting just the words and a wireframe, not a ‘ready to hit publish’ built-out website. If you need recommendations for some great designers/developers, let me know. 

Need social proof?
Here are some testimonials of why people like working with me:

“We just had our best month ever in terms of revenue. We made 25% more revenue than our previous best month. I am 100% positive it has a lot to do with the new website.” – Mickey Kellerman


“As a result of the copy from Anna, I now have a website that I am so proud to show off! I no longer have website shame. I look at it and cry (that sounds really dramatic, but I do) because it captures ME – quirky, swear-y and inimitable.” – Suzanne Culberg


“Anna was an incredible help leading us to organize our thoughts around our service offerings, and then in making that come alive.” – Beth Powell

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