Birds of a feather flock together

Go beyond ‘raving fans’ with a purposeful and profitable online community

An online community isn’t your email list or social media followers (that’s simply an audience). 

In the online world, paid online communities generally are:

  • Masterminds
  • Memberships
  • Group coaching programs
  • Live courses
  • Self-paced courses with online support

Yet too often, these communities are slap-dashed together while the leaders cross their fingers and hope for the best. 

Those hastily-built communities (and we’ve all been a part of them) either become ghost-towns, ego-trips for the leader, or self-promo hellholes.

It’s time to take community-building seriously.

Where to start when building an online community

A short worksheet to kickstart your profitable and purposeful paid online community.

“I don’t take community for granted. I know it takes time, effort, and intention to do it right. I’ll continue to invest in this area of my business because EVERYTHING I do is based around community.

Camp helped me re-energize and feel excited about my membership again.

Any chance to learn from Anna is a win.”

- Kira Hug,

Co-founder of The Copywriter Club

Design a supportive, sustainable, and profitable online community for your business

Deliver an incredible experience for your members so you can increase engagement, decrease churn, and avoid burnout.

Community Camp

A 3-day virtual retreat for service providers, coaches, and entrepreneurs on how to design a transformative & profitable community.

Guided Hikes

In-depth articles with action-able tips on community design. Engagement? Facilitation? Programming? Marketing? Done.


Expand your flock by turning your group program, course, or membership into an engaged, profitable, and thriving community, all while avoiding burnout.

“Until I met Anna, I had never asked the key questions: Why this community? Why now? What am I trying to achieve and deliver? How can I do it better and give members more of what they want? They gave me perspective, helped me go beneath the obvious and find my purpose. 

I run one community and am planning on starting another. Anna is and will absolutely continue to be my go-to for community building. I’d rather get it right out of the gate than come crawling back later wondering why the churn!”

- Amy Posner