Community—your secret ingredient to a sustainable business.

If you lead or you’re about to launch an online course, group program, mastermind, or paid membership, you already know a strong community can inspire a critical piece in long-term business sustainability: trust.

But it's way too easy to start a community without a clear plan...and then wonder why it becomes one of those dead-on-arrival ego-trip online communities you and I love to hate.

Communities are the ‘next hot thing’ when it comes to online marketing.

Everyone is throwing community bonuses into their sales pitches or slap-dashing Slacks together and calling them places where ‘you can grow, meet like-minded peers, and reach your audacious goals’ or whatever.

But all this throwing and slap-dashing means there’s an over-saturation of faux-munities where people self-promote, annoy each other, or are so overwhelming that most people either lurk or disappear.

What we really want for our business are communities that are transformative, safe, and inclusive.

You don’t have to leave great community culture up to 'luck'.

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Community Camp

An intentional mini-mastermind for leaders who are looking for confidence and clarity in building and facilitating a community for their business.

In this 4-week small cohort group program, you won’t just be thrown some whats

You’ll get the whys and hows of making your community work.

Build relationships, avoid burnout, and reduce churn.

Ah, the magic of community.

Cabin C coming soon!

Before Community Camp, I kept wondering ‘will I get lucky? Will my community be the kind of community my students want to spend time in and contribute to?’ I felt so uncertain about what it actually took to create a community that felt safe and welcoming and transformative for the people in it.

Now I know that building and facilitating a great community doesn’t come down to chance. There’s *so* much I’m capable of- and responsible for influencing, and that feels liberating AF. I‘m not at the whim of the community gods. I’m at the helm, steering the ship.

This has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

- Miish Grixti

“Now community is something I can bake into ALL of my offers. I have a framework for my business that I can use until the end of time and space. The organization and clear action steps to take at any given point made this such an invigorating experience.”

A lot of masterminds/groups lack the purposeful transformation we talked about and are just dumping grounds for one person’s knowledge. Anna led us in constructing our own individual and collective vision of community.”

Jennifer Duan Fultz, The Course Catalyst Lab

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Go from being a burnt-out moderator to an energized facilitator.

Together, we’ll go through the nuts and bolts and feelings of what it takes to facilitate and maintain a paid online community that’s worth the time, money, and effort of everyone involved.

And then help you go out into the world and start building something better.

What you’ll get in Camp:

💡 4 Interactive Workshops: Not your typical ‘course.’ You’ll learn and integrate the 6 core tenets of community design in just one hour every week.

📝  Detailed Worksheet: Plan the ins and outs of how your paid community will work from launch to year 5.

💪 Do-the-Work Time: Implement what you learn with 30-minutes of side-by-side co-working every week so you walk away from camp with sh*t actually done.

📞 Private 1:1 Session: Break down your roadblocks with a 30-minute 1:1 meeting with me that’s focused just on your community.

🤗 Collective Feedback: Connect, brainstorm, and cheerlead your fellow campers on Mighty Networks.

📚 Too Many Resources: Get access to my always-growing library of community goodies, templates, and ideas.

“Before, I had no idea how to structure and frame my community idea.

Anna is synonymous with building community and facilitation. Not knowing how to do both, consistently, without killing myself was exactly what was holding me back.

I feel ready to go.

Camp covered ev.e.ry.thing.

It’s gone from an idea I’ve been sat on for 3 years to something I can actually take action on.”

- Brandon Burton, Our Children’s World

“I didn’t know how to dig in, or from what angle when it came to my membership idea. Now I feel like I have guidelines and guardrails – I know what to think about and what my choices are for implementation.

The snappy timeline of Camp was great – we talked things through and then took action.

I’m way further along in my thinking and I feel I’ll do it ‘right’ and get it dialed in much more than I would have without Camp.”

- Amy Posner, Magnetic North Mastermind

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Four weeks. Four workshops. Four big outcomes.

Cabin B Workshops are online every Thursday from 3-4 PM EDT.

Co-working is every Thursday from 4-4:30 PM EDT.

Week 1: Purposeful Transformation

Why does your community need to exist and who is it for?

  • Define your community and who it’s for, set long-term goals, and determine how it fits within your greater business model.

Week 2: The Community

How do people show up in your community?

  • Brainstorm programming and build the structure around your safe vibrant community.

Week 3: The Invitation

What makes your space work?

  • Figure out onboarding, pricing models, and your Code of Conduct.

Week 4: Facilitation

How do you want to show up?

  • Learn best practices for facilitation, address your biggest fears, and make a plan for sticky situations.
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Who is Camp for?

Camp is for you if...

  • You run a paid online community (mastermind, group program, membership, course with a community element)

  • You’re tired of the same old bullsh*t of ‘communities’ that are just out for profit and not for people

  • Inclusivity, accessibility, and intentionality aren’t just ‘nice sounding’ things to have for your business — they’re non-negotiable

  • You want to create a more stable source of revenue for your business

Camp isn't for you if...

  • You’re building a community for your neighborhood, family, or otherwise. This is for business.

    You learn best through traditional course methods (slides + lecture). Totally fine if you do! But Camp is very interactive.

    You’ve got debt—sign up when you’re ready and have the funds

    You don’t care and/or think about what it means to host and facilitate an inclusive space

“Building a community with Anna is so much fun! I sometimes struggle with ideas and actionable steps but Anna is a PRO at knowing where to begin and walking through strategies and goals.

They make the process easy and consumable and we get shit done!

I’m blown away by how fast our community is growing and it’s all thanks to Anna!”

- Anita Kwan, PB&Qs

“Before I did Community Camp, I shot down so many community-building ideas out of fear. Now I feel so much more confident in my ability to learn and develop what I need to create a community that serves the folks I want to serve. I learned a ton in Camp, but maybe more importantly I know where to start to learn more and to continue my exploration. I have a pathway to moving past the worries and concerns that stopped me from building a community in the past.”

- Travis Baird, Curious Performers

Cabin C is coming soon!

I’m Anna, your Head Camp Counselor

anna hetzel community camp

Ever since I was lil’ kid, community-building has been #1 and center. 

From camper to head counselor and now as a community strategist, I’ve participated in all sides of building a transformational community. 

And for a while, it was just a thing that I was passionate about, both in business and in private life. I engaged in community-building because I loved making new relationships and learning from others. 

Plain and simple.

But during COVID, community took on a different meaning for my business.

In 2020 I nearly doubled my revenue, and it wasn’t because I worked harder than everyone else or that I’m extremely lucky.

Every single project that year can be traced back to a strong connection I made in a community.

I’ve learned first-hand by putting your energy into others around you and creating spaces where people can come together, it’s possible to make meaningful connections and grow your business too. 

It’s possible to create an incredible space for deep discussion and growth where your community members feel safe, seen. and heard.

This is why I created the (meta!) community that will show you how to do all this in a way that feels good and works for you.

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When you get community building right, marketing and retention takes care of itself

Some community-building courses are about which platform to use and how to get max ROI…but they totally fail at the inclusion bit.

There’s nothing more powerful than helping people have a truly transformational experience…and then they tell others…and they tell others…

When your community is designed and facilitated with intention, the ROI follows.

“Every week everything is so significant! I felt like I was able to talk more directly to the people who I am serving.

- Susan Regan

“I’ve been in a LOT of online communities these past few years and had the privilege of sharing those spaces with an incredible bunch of humans. BUT there’s something about the way Anna shows up to and engages with the space that makes them uniquely qualified to teach this stuff. They have a way of making the space feel safe and ripe for sharing from day 1, and an inherent understanding that a group should be facilitated rather than simply moderated.”

- Kirsty Fanton, Ideas Club & Brain Camp

Cabin C is coming soon!