Case Study: Daisy Zimmer Photography Homepage

“I’m incredibly happy with my Google Analytics from the last month. Before the new copy, people stayed on my site for about 20 seconds and bounced off. Now, they’re spending almost 3 minutes on the page and they’re actually clicking the CTA buttons!” 

– Daisy Zimmer, Owner, Daisy Zimmer Photography



A homepage that didn’t fit the bill

Daisy Zimmer had worked as a professional photographer for 4 years. She knew what she loved: putting together stress-free, legitimately fun photo sessions for families. So why was she still filtering out calls from people who wanted her to take on totally unrelated projects?


She knew her website wasn’t reflective of the work she actually did – which meant that it wasn’t attracting the right kind of clients.


Many people were spending mere seconds on her homepage before bouncing. They didn’t get a chance to understand what made her different from other photographers. Her site was a flight risk.


Even worse, many people who did schedule a call ended up being poor fits, which wasted everyone’s time.


Daisy needed a homepage that would show off the work she actually loved doing and attract the right clients to her nest.


But a new homepage wouldn’t be enough on its own. She also wanted to learn how to write strategic copy herself to bring the rest of her website up to speed – and keep it updated over time.

“The more I can niche and send people away that aren’t the correct clients… that’s better for me! I’m tired of wasting phone calls and need the website to better qualify leads.” – Daisy



A sparkling new homepage, a strategic new site map, and a shiny new copy toolbox

Daisy kicked off her Day Flight with Anna with a 1.5 hour live session all about what she does, why she does it, and how she wants to grow. Then she sat back and had a coffee while Anna sharpened their pencil and got to work.


Anna started by identifying the core of Daisy’s business: the stress-free Columbus family photographer, who believes that real life is where the magic happens. That key message drove messaging from top to bottom across the whole page, telling one strong story that set Daisy apart from the crowd.


Anna analyzed Daisy’s existing site, skimming out what was already working and bringing it to the forefront. Then, they built out a page structure to intuitively lead potential clients through a journey of curiosity (what’s different about this?), opportunity (how it could be), real life (how does this process work?), and expertise (why you should trust me).


Finally, they also worked out a whole new suggested site map so the revamped homepage copy would dial people into exactly what they needed across Daisy’s entire website. This included suggesting a new About page to boost trust, which would help potential clients feel confident inviting Daisy into their homes.


Anna even had time to send the first draft to colleagues with young kids: Daisy’s target market. Gathering feedback directly from ideal clients helped sharpen the beak of the home page copy.


Because Daisy also wanted to learn to write great copy herself, the EOD delivery of her shiny new homepage included a video walkthrough explaining all the strategic decisions Anna had made along the way. This set Daisy up to be able to polish the rest of her site so it all worked in sync to attract the right kind of clients. 


Daisy was elated. Finally, her website felt like her, and was poised to attract clients who actually wanted the kind of work she was best at.


Even though she had two full business days for follow-up revisions, Daisy didn’t need ‘em. Nailed the landing on the first try!

“ANNA! Holy moly. This is beautiful, clear, and delightful. How you got all THIS from my rantings and ramblings, I have no clue, but you nailed it my friend.” – Daisy


New leads clicking as fast as Daisy’s shutter button

Daisy got straight to work implementing the fresh new homepage Anna wrote for her. Then, leveraging all of the copy tools Anna handed over, she got to work on the rest of her site. It was slow-going at first, but her confidence was bolstered by everything she’d learned in the Day Flight.


“I’m starting to write the other pages. I definitely feel like I have all the “tools” to do it right, which is super rad!” – Daisy


She also reorganized her site map following Anna’s suggestions so that people could easily access her best work.


One month later, Daisy saw immediate results.


Her bounce rate has plummeted. The total time people spend on her page has skyrocketed from just 20 seconds to a whopping 3 minutes.


CTR (click-through rate) is up throughout her entire site, which means that people are actually able to find what they’re looking for. A THIRD of people who land on Daisy’s site end up scheduling a call with her – that’s a legendary result.


☁️ “How photo sessions work”: 50% CTR

☁️”View my portfolio”: 70% CTR

☁️”Schedule a call”: 33% CT


Her email list has ballooned with new leads, too.


And maybe the best feedback of all was when one of her clients exclaimed: “Your website feels like a warm hug.


“I can totally attribute [these results] to the new copy, and it’s teasing people enough that they want to sign up and hear more! I’m so excited to see when/if those new leads turn into booked clients. Juicy stuff!

This was delightful, and you’re a magician! THANK YOU.” – Daisy


Watch the video walkthrough of Daisy’s new homepage here:


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