Find Your Unique Bird Call

Stand out from the flock and make a bigger impact
with wildly effective, research-based brand messaging

The wings your company will fly on for years to come

Brand messaging is so much more than your mission statement.

It’s the written version of your brand logo and colors.

It’s how you show up in the marketplace, how your customers connect and rally around you, and how you build out your campaigns.

Brand messaging is the foundation every single piece of content and copy is based on.

Great messaging can be the difference between throwing marketing pasta on the wall to see if it sticks and confidently creating campaigns you know will attract your target audience.


It’s important.

Well-researched and expertly-crafted brand messaging:

  • Establishes a voice that’s instantly recognizable so you can build greater loyalty with your audience

  • Creates a system for consistent marketing, leading to consistent growth

  • Seamlessly connects the dots between your customer’s needs and your unique solutions

Your business deserves a birdcall heard ‘round the world.

Shake your messaging tailfeathers

If you’re staring down a big growth goal without a clear path to hit it…


If you’re struggling to come up with the words to present your brand and products to your audience…


If you need a system you can rely on to make your marketing efforts actually cohesive and consistent…


If you need a unified way for your whole team to have conversations with your ideal clients…


Brand messaging is the answer.

It’ll give you clarity on what is actually important for your clients to know in order to buy (and not just what you think).


And it’ll give you and your team creative freedom to adapt your tone to fit the channel, audience, or campaign at hand all while still staying true to your core.


Start your project today.

“We wanted to double our program in the next year and were feeling stuck and unsure what materials we needed.

When we first got to read the research and interview data Anna had collected—and then the first drafts of the messaging guide—things really started to click.

Anna helped us see the value of the program and community we have from a different perspective.

Now, since implementing the new messaging, we’ve received organic inquiries through our website.
That has never happened before!”

— Jill Cowan, Advancement Leadership Lab

Birds of a feather flock together...
but you want your business to stand out

Here’s how we’ll work together to create your unique brand messaging.

Step One: Research

Align your entire team with an interactive brand workshop.


Dive into your ideal customers’ heads (and out of your “is this a good idea” tailspin) via 1:1 interviews and stakeholder surveys.

Understand where you’re at now, discover hidden opportunities, and get infinite inspiration for future marketing campaigns with a well-organized Research Report.

Step Two: Messaging Guide Development

We’ll craft your brand messaging guide carefully balancing the research and your growth goals.

Most Brand Messaging Guides include:

  • Positioning manifesto – your rallying cry of why you matter in the marketplace
  • Tagline – your unforgettable ever-repeatable one-liner
  • Mission and vision – why you do the work you do and the future you’re building toward
  • Theory of change – your unique approach to the work you do (if this, then that)
  • Voice and tone – how you sound in the world
  • Stakeholders – their emotional states and how you support them
  • Marketing pitches – examples of how to put the messaging into action
  • Content pillars – what topics to focus on in your marketing
  • Brand guidelines – how to put everything into action

Step Three: Refining

Guided by your feedback, we’ll refine the Brand Messaging Guide until we get it right.

Step Four: Integration

Once the Guide is approved, we’ll hand it off to your team and conduct any training as necessary to make sure your crew knows how to put it to use.

“We had been burned many times before by people who either didn’t deliver or delivered poor quality work. Plus, I’m good at writing copy already AND we’re in a small and fairly technical niche.

Choosing a copywriter was no small task.


We were SO impressed by Anna’s meticulousness in gathering data about our needs, their collaborative way of working, their expertise, and of course the quality of their work!

Not to mention their ability to deliver on schedule – we have so many woeful tales about that!


When we finally launched the Handweaving Academy with Anna’s support and brand messaging, we filled our initial 500 memberships within the first 7 days. We had to close our launch early!


That speaks for Anna’s work itself.”


– Tien Chiu, co-founder of The Handweaving Academy

What makes you a great fit for a brand messaging project

You’ve honed in on your offers, have built an audience, and are starting to grow your team

You’ve already hired on help and want to hire more as you work hard to both sustain and grow at the same time

You’ve hit a revenue ceiling and know more clients are out there…yet you’re struggling to connect with them

You’re tired of guessing at the messaging every time you write an email, tap out a LinkedIn post, or craft a marketing campaign

You’re done trying to explain “how we sound” to your team and want a useful document that guides them…and not your editing pen

If you’re one or all of these, caw at us. 

Let’s talk.

Meet your messenger pigeon, Anna

I’m Anna (they/them), your lead Strange Bird for brand messaging projects.


I’ve got years of experience in not only taking big ideas and turning them into tight messaging that sells—but in training clients to take the messaging strategy and implement it themselves.


If you want to work with an expert who is organized, speedy, and great at communicating throughout the project, look no further.


“Thank you for making this so freaking easy!” — direct quote from a client and #1 goal for every single project I work on.


Oh! Don’t let us forget the actual benefit of hiring a brand messaging strategist…


With a third party coming in and poking around your business nest, you’ll uncover opportunities you didn’t know existed before, find your focus (finally), get your sticks and twigs in a row, and re-align your teammates.


If you want to read more about the benefits of brand messaging, hop on over to my blog: Brand messaging and why you should give a cluck

Need some examples of past work?

We got ya covered.

Well, sort of.

We can’t share with you final brand messaging documentation, but we can tell you this—our clients consistently come back years after we finish our project to share that they use the brand messaging we created nearly every day.


In fact, one client even saved her brand guidelines as the screen saver on her laptop.

It helps her make strategic decisions, onboard new team members faster, and generate higher level of trust with her clientele.

Past brand messaging clients:

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