Earnestly Strange

with a total lack of aloof-itude

a two-headed
retention powerhouse
who’ll get your business from right here
to way-over-there

On a mission to create success
...exactly how you define it

Our goal is to help make a good life for our clients, their team, and their customers—all through the power of words.


Words set the tone for every relationship, and businesses thrive or die on relationships. We believe putting words first creates clear, intentional spaces where your vision can take flight. 


We help our clients show up brave and loud in the places that matter the most.

How we show up for you

Committed to curiosity
The best solutions to any problem can only be found by asking questions. Loads of them. We get curious even about the little things, because a small seed can be the beginning of a great idea (or a huge headache).

Generosity meets accountability
In our experience, clients come for the deliverable but stay for the experience. Our number one goal is to deliver the best damn project experience around. We practice active listening, over-communicate (is there even such a thing???), and do what we say we’re going to do. Always.

Full of care, not full of (bird)shit
Ain’t no platitudes here. We care deeply about the folks we work with and each other, and we’ll protect those relationships above all else. We're deeply convinced that clear boundaries are the unsung hero of success, and we integrate that wisdom throughout our business.

Meet the birds

Anna “hoatzin” Hetzel

brand messaging, copywriting

I founded Strange Birds back in 2017. Since then, I’ve worked with over 150 companies to find their unique voice, implement across their website, and confidently sell to a more engaged audience.

My secret sauce is taking a client’s numerous products and services and organizing it all in a way that makes intuitive sense to their customers.

Over the years, I’ve been invited on countless stages and have a not-so-secret love of facilitating workshops.

When I’m not slinging words, I’m busy being mildly good at too many hobbies (ultimate frisbee, gardening, cabin-building, weaving, reading…to name a few).

🗓️ Chat with Anna

Janel “phoenix” Torkington

UX writing, content design

Howdy! I’m a UX writer: a user experience expert who considers how every last CTA, email sequence, and error message in a product ladders up to systems-level strategy. I use that birds-eye-view insight to inform all steps of product development. 

I’ve got plenty of experience with the big dogs (fresh out of 5 years with Meta), but also delight in collaborating with smaller teams who want to build something people are going to freaking love.

Barcelona is my chosen home. I gesticulate wildly when enthusiastic, which is always. I have dog-eared every single cookbook from Yotam Ottolenghi.

🗓️ Chat with Janel

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