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No more winging it

A confused mind says no.

From marketing to in-product experience, you need to be crystal clear on why you’re the obvious choice for your customers.

We get you the ‘yes,’ on repeat.


Your audience should know they’re in the right place, every step of the way.

  • Consistent and clever messaging that resonates with your target audience

  • Creative campaigns that smash through your sales goals

  • Onboarding that smoothly transitions customers from sold to fully engaged

  • In-product experiences that keep on giving, making every click worth it


At Strange Birds, we craft seamless customer experiences through expert copywriting and content design.

We’ve flocked with multi-national corporations, local powerhouses, large-scale nonprofits, and six-figure business owners.

Now we’re here to help you fly.

“I have, in the words of several business-wise people, a LOT of offers.
I had Strange Birds help me tackle the MOUNTAIN of sales page and email copy needed to make my offers more scalable.

In our first project, we blew by my launch goal by 266%. Another project they wrote for ended up being a 6-figure launch. And that was just one month.”

— Marlo Fisken, Founder, Flow Movement

It’s blue skies from here on out

It takes three things to make a business successful.

1️⃣ Sell something people *actually* want

2️⃣ Put in persistent marketing effort and investment to *make* sales happen

3️⃣ Deliver *meaningful* experiences to your customers from first-touch to in-product and beyond


Put them all together and you have a business that’s steadily growing, with customers that love ya, and a product that practically sells itself.


You bring us a product people want and the drive to make it happen.

We’ll handle the rest.

Build your nest
with marketing

Messaging to attract high-quality leads who truly need what you offer.

  • User research
  • Brand messaging
  • Positioning

Grow your flock
with sales

Copywriting to easily convert your leads into engaged and excited customers.

  • Websites
  • Campaigns
  • Emails


Take flight
in your product

Content design to transform your customers into your biggest fans.

  • Onboarding 
  • Navigation and IA
  • UX writing

Need to lay stronger foundations for your marketing?

Want a copy punch-up to increase conversions?

Gotta address all those tickets reporting user confusion in your product?


Maybe you’re not even sure where to start with your complex project.

Come talk to us. We’re expert question-askers.

Let’s find out more together.

People can’t stop raven

mandy pearce case study

“Strange Birds is excellent at learning the specific personality and brand that you want to portray with your business and helping you figure out the best way to do it. My revenue has grown annually since having Strange Birds as part of my team.”

— Mandy Pearce, Founder of Funding for Good

“Strange Birds knew what they were doing, and that was very obvious.
If I ever need another UX writer, I won’t hesitate, 100% it’s going to be them.
They made my life easier.” 

— Ricardo Acosta, AnotherWay Studios

“I’m incredibly happy with my Google Analytics from the last month. Before the new copy, people stayed on my site for about 20 seconds and bounced off. Now, they’re spending almost 3 minutes on the page and they’re actually clicking the CTA buttons!

— Daisy Zimmer, Owner, Daisy Zimmer Photography

Meet the birds

Two heads are better than one.

These two heads are obsessed with extraordinary customer experience: yours.

You’re in good hands, here.

Anna Hetzel (they/them)

messaging, positioning, copywriting

Oh hey! I’ve worked with over 200 companies to find their unique voice and implement it across their marketing ecosystems through brand messaging and conversion copywriting.

My secret sauce is taking a client’s numerous products and services and organizing it all in a way that makes intuitive sense to their customers.

I can usually be found on the ultimate frisbee field or curled up with a book. 

🗓️ Chat with Anna

Janel Torkington (she/her)

onboarding, UX writing, content design

Howdy! I’m a content designer: a user experience expert who considers how every last CTA, email sequence, and error message in a product ladders up to systems-level strategy.

I honed my craft with the big dogs at Meta, but also love working with smaller teams who want to build something people are going to freaking love.

I have dog-eared every single cookbook from Yotam Ottolenghi.

🗓️ Chat with Janel

“We feel much more confident, and highly relieved. We now have a strategy and an understanding of what we need to do to implement that strategy. They came prepared and worked with us in collaborative sessions whose aim was to help US uncover what we needed to do, not for them to tell us what to do.” 

— Tien Chiu, Co-Founder, The Handweaving Academy

“Copywriters have a gift for words and it pays to have Strange Birds point out a better way to think about how your audience interacts with your site.”

— Sam Baddoo, Founder of Fleri

“When you see the final results and step back you will realize that Strange Birds are magicians with words and voice, true artists sculpting the picture of your business with their words.

My experience working with and witnessing their approach to understanding our business and culture was fantastic. They are diligent, creative, and bring a project management base to the process of copywriting.” 

— Brian Gunnoe | President, OLIO Dev Group

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